Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sacramento: More Than Just a Government Town

As the capital of California, Sacramento has always been a city centered around government. However, in recent years, the city has started to attract attention as a growing destination for meetings. While most businesses are drawn to the San Francisco Bay Area that is located only a couple hours away, Sacramento now offers a comparable experience at a lower price point. The city’s conference center is currently undergoing a complete renovation and expansion that will almost double its current size. In addition, multiple hotel renovations are currently underway allowing hotels to expand by a total of over 1,000 rooms.  Finally, Sacramento's Michelin rated restaurants, brand-new sports arena, and food tours offer plenty of activities to keep your attendees entertained.  

Friday, November 1, 2019

Airport Upgrades on the Way

With 815.7 million passengers traveling the friendly skies in 2018, airports are under greater pressure than ever. They are tasked with providing a venue for massive amounts of people to come through daily and are expected to be efficient, clean, safe, convenient, simple, and relaxing to the millions of people stressed about their flights. Anyone who spends time traveling knows that no airport really accomplishes all of these goals, but with increasing demand, some airports are upgrading with the hopes of becoming your new favorite.

1. Denver International Airport ( America's newest major airport was built in 1995 and is working on several projects. Among them are a $1.5 billion gate expansion that will add a total of 39 gates to its 3 concourses and be completed in spring 2021 as well as a $1.8 billion improvement project in the main terminal due to finish by the end of 2021.
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2. Salt Lake City ( SLC is well on its way to a essentially brand new airport with the goal of making the growing hub simpler for travelers, more efficient, and more sustainable. The first phase is scheduled for completion in fall 2020 with a new terminal and the second phase including demolition of the old facilities is scheduled to be completed in 2024.
TRP Web Banner 2016

3. Orlando International Airport ( Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the U.S. and with its one airport competing with areas like New York and Los Angeles which boast 3 and 4 available airports, MCO is embarking on a $2.1 billion expansion. The brand new South Terminal will add 19 gates and a technology corridor as well as additional food options, decor, and upgraded baggage handling systems. The South Terminal is scheduled to open in 2021.
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Which new airport experience are you most looking forward to?

Friday, October 4, 2019

Hyatt's Newest Brand: Caption by Hyatt

Last week, Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced that it will be launching a new brand of hotels called Caption by Hyatt. This new brand will focus on bringing people together and creating personal connections through unique common areas, guest rooms, and dining experiences. Hyatt realized that in our modern world, there has been a loss of face to face human interaction. That is what sparked the development of this new brand that will encourage guests to unplug and connect with their fellow travelers, locals, and their destination. At Meeting Sites Pro, we are always excited to hear about new locations that offer a unique experience for guests.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Hilton Hotels: A New Approach to Meeting Spaces

In preparation for renovation, Hilton spent a considerable amount of time surveying and interviewing meeting planners to find out what they want in meeting spaces. Their research revealed that planners want rooms that are flexible and energize attendees. The Hotel Chain has found creative ways to fulfill these requests by integrating open workspaces and personalization. One unique feature they implemented into select meeting spaces is the ‘creativity button’. Meant to inspire creativity both literally and figuratively, this button releases citrus-infused air when pushed and has so far received very positive feedback from both planners and attendees. As a meeting planning company, we are always excited to explore new spaces that can create the best experiences for our clients!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Hotel Zags: New Opening in Portland

Previously Hotel Modera, the downtown Portland property has now been transformed into The Hotel Zags Portland. This is Pebblebrook Hotel Trust's sixth "Z Hotel", a collection of properties inspired by nature and eccentric art culture. With the first Z Hotel having opened in San Francisco, this portfolio of hotels draw from the unique urban characteristics of its city's surroundings. The Hotel Zags Portland offers 174 completely renovated rooms along with environmentally friendly decor and a game room for all ages. In addition to these offerings, the Portland hotel also provides guests with a wide variety of gadgets, such as scooters and Go-Pros, that enable them to have an exciting adventure of their own. With clients always looking for a new and unique meeting experience, its great to see a new hotel that provides exactly that!

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