Friday, November 14, 2014

Don’t Let Constant Business Travel Jeopardize your Work.

In today’s work environment, employees are having to travel all around the world to attend business meetings. Sometimes flights can vary from 2 hours to 26 hours, creating a major impact on the work that you can accomplish. However, you do not need to let a flight keep you from completing your work load. USA today compiled a list of 6 recommendations to ensure you complete all of your needed tasks. For more information please visit:

  • Set a schedule: Devote some time on the plane to sleeping, some for entertainment and eating, and some for your workload. Formally create a schedule so you know when to move on to the next activity.
  • Power up: Ensure that you come on to the flight prepared with everything that you will need to complete your workload. Make sure that you come with your computer charged and in case the Wi-Fi is not working on board you can complete other tasks outside of the internet. It will ultimately make your workload less hectic in case you run into problems.
  • Bring supplies: Come prepared with snacks, noise canceling headphones, pens and paper, and any additional supplies you will need to stay motivated.
  • Relax, recharge: Devote time to reading a book. This will relax your brain and refresh your body to begin the workload again shortly.
  • Get some shut-eye: This is most important on those long flights. Come prepared with an eye-mask, headphones, and a neck pillow to ensure the utmost comfort.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Haunted Hotel

Happy Halloween! In celebration of the holiday, we wanted to share some of our favorite Haunted Hotels around America.

Stanley Hotel- Colorado
This hotel is known for the well-known novel by Steven King, The Shining. It has been featured as one of the nations most haunted hotels. You can purchase a Ghost Adventure Package where you are  “guaranteed 4th Floor room, a K2 Meter per reservation, a glow-in-the-dark Stanley Hotel squishy ghost per person, a REDRUM mug per person.” For more information visit:

      The Myrtels Plantation- Louisiana

This plantation is known for its Haunted physique. It is said to have 10 murders in this hotel since the 1770’s. One can stay at the hotel or simply take a tour where you will experience the numerous ghosts living on the property as well as view the blood stains, cold spots, and more that simply will not disappear. For more information visit:

      The Jerome Grand Hotel- Arizona

Jeromes Grand Hotel is located in Arizonia’s largest ghost town. One can choose to stay at the hotel or simply just complete their tour. During the tour you will be provided an  “EMT meter, IR thermometer and digital camera to help us document the spirits, orbs, ghost sightings, and haunted happenings at what may be one of the 10 most haunted places in America.” For more information please visit:

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Must-See Starwood Hotel

Starwood Hotels &  Resorts opened The Castle Hotel in Dalian, China. This hotel has 292 beautiful guest rooms and suites offering excellent views of  the Xinghai Bay and Yellow Sea. It is located steps away from Xinghai Square. As stated on the hotels website it is “designed to align with its majestic environment, the hotel’s captivating amenities include the enchanting Kaiser SPA, a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, and indoor swimming pool. “ This hotel is in a perfect location, and a pleasant stay for business meetings as Dalian is the largest city square in Asia. For more information visit:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Marriott’s Renaissance Hotel has $50 Million in Renovations

The Marriott recently renovated the former bank space, Cincinnati Bartlett Building to be the Marriott Renaissance Hotel. They received $50 million dollars for renovation that was privately funded. This 323 room hotel kept the same architecture and preserved much of the banks gems. There are 8 meeting rooms with the maximum capacity holding 700 people. This hotel is located in downtown Cincinnati. For more information please visit:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Conrad Hotel Renovations

By the summer of 2015, the previous Trump Fort Lauderdale Hotel will be reopened as the Conrad Fort Lauderdale Hotel & Beach Residences with 30 million dollars’ worth of renovations. This hotel is perfect for businesses with its 8 meeting rooms having sea views and oceanfront breakout areas. We encourage you to make a weekend getaway or hold your next business meeting during the summer of 2015. For more information check out: