Friday, January 30, 2015

A Look at Hilton Paris Opera’s Newest Renovations

The Hilton Paris Opera is a gorgeous hotel, located near the Opera Garnier that just completed it 50 million dollar renovation. Its main intention is to be “chic, stylish, and comfortable” while still having the hotel decorated with “crystal chandeliers, marble columns, bronze statues, and stunning art pieces by Charles Joseph Lameire.” It is completed with 7 meeting rooms making it an ideal location to hold a business meeting located in Paris. For more information please visit:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Top 3 Hotels in the World According to TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor released the top 25 hotels in the world this past Wednesday. We will be highlighting the top 3:

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives
This resort located in North Male Atoll earned the top hotel award. This resort focuses on making sure you have the ultimate relaxing vacation away from any worries. They provide you with your own butler and are known to have spectacular customer service. For more information visit:

Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
This hotel is known for its beauty and value. It has a view of a volcano, many tours and activities for guests, and a friendly and accommodating staff. For more information please visit:

Shinta Mani Club, Siem Reap, Cambodia
This upscale boutique hotel houses 39 rooms in the town of Siem Reap. The staff is known to be incredibly attentive and provides the ultimate hospitality. This hotel is also very affordable for all. For more information please visit:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The New Knickerbocker in NYC

The Knickerbocker hotel in Midtown New York City has seen some serious press, and it’s not even open yet.  The hotel has a history as a Beaux-Arts beauty, originally referred to as “The Knick”.  It was closed in 1920, and has lived its life since as an office building. The last vestige of the hotel it was, the “Knickerbocker” sign hanging above a blocked entrance in the Times Square subway station.  But the past two years have seen it getting a facelift to become the beauty it once was in a modern light.

With a scheduled opening for February 12, 2015, we can’t wait to the finishing touches put on this beauty.  Meeting spaces will be state-of-the art, catering will be by master chef Charlie Palmer, and the 300+ guest rooms are rumored to be absolutely beautiful.

Would you host a meeting in this new luxury spot in the heart of the city?

To learn more visit: 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Event App Predictions for 2015

Event application developer, Quickmobile, recently released a whitepaper with predictions for the trends in event app technology for 2015.  Using apps and mobile technology at events can help organize and increase engagement with participants.  Here are a few of the trends one of the big players in the field thinks we can expect this year:

  1. Large corporations will utilize mobile technology to help coordinate their event teams, on a more frequent basis. 
  2. Meeting Apps will be the new normal at smaller meetings.  Meetings of 3-100 people will see participants using company or event specific apps to help organization and thought sharing with the group.
  3. Apps will increase in personalization to help facilitate one-on-one interaction between speakers and participants. Speakers will know who has signed up for their session and will be able to better tailor their topic to their participants. Having specific information about each attendee will help engage the participants and promote a worthwhile experience for all involved.
  4. Quantifiable data will be immediately available at events through the use of personal device apps.  Meeting apps provide participants a way to interact with the information being provided on a real-time basis, giving meeting planners and hosts a real way to track numbers and evaluations.
  5. Event apps will keep planners connected to event participants on an ongoing basis.  Instead of the typical 2-3 day impact of an in-person event, businesses can now share information with participants on an ongoing basis by updating news and features in the event app.
  6. Planners will better incorporate audience response systems in meeting apps.  Instead of stand-alone polls, participants will have more practical ways to show immediate feedback on current discussions.
  7. Wearable technology will slowly begin to enter the meeting tech world. In the coming years, gadgets like Google Glass and iWatch will find their way into meeting technology.

What do you think of the trend of using meeting participant’s personal devices as an integral part of your event?  How could an event specific app help you make a better experience at your meeting?

25 Million Dollar Renovation to Marina Del Rey Hotel

Marina Del Rey Hotel, the marinas first hotel, just reopened after having a 25 million dollar renovation. This hotel is just about the celebrate its 50th anniversary with perfect timing. This waterfront property has 9,700 square feet of meeting and event space with 164 guest rooms. For more information please visit:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Weirdest Items that were “dropped” on New Years Eve

As we all know, every year New York City drops the large ball at midnight on New Years Eve. However, did you know of the other odd items dropped?  USA put together a list of the oddest items dropped from the sky on NYE.  To view all of the items visit:

Lake Erie Shores & Islands drops a 600 pound fish from the sky.

Boise, Idaho drops a giant potato during the Idaho Potato Drop

A 500 pound mushroom gets dropped over Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Lewistown, Pennsylvania rings in the New Year by dropping a 200 pound bag of potato chips

A 3 foot pickle gets dropped in Mount Olive, North Carolina