Thursday, April 18, 2019

Oxford Capital: Company Shifts Its Focus to Growth and Rebranding

Oxford Capital Group, a hotel brand specializing in lifestyle boutique properties, has added four new hotels to its portfolio which are all located in downtown San Francisco. Their acquisitions include the Hotel Vertigo, Americania Hotel, Carriage Inn, and Good Hotel, which will provide a total of 418 rooms. With this decision to 
grow, also comes the desire to rebrand. Oxford Capital plans to take advantage of the increase in hotel demand and rise in development and renovate each property to ensure that they stand out in this historic downtown area. As a company who loves all San Francisco has to offer, its exciting to see what new meeting space is being developed!

For more information, please visit:,-Will-Likely-Rebrand/ 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Innovation at Events: Brands Introduce Motion-Capture Technology

As the meeting and events industry continues to push towards creating innovative experiences for attendees, brands are introducing high-tech and eye-catching interactive installations to their events. With the use of LED pixel walls, animations and music, companies are looking to inspire creativity and rouse the senses of each attendee. Whether its walking through a tunnel filled with digital butterflies or a virtual tour of the human mouth, brands like Pandora and Colgate are pushing the boundaries to create an added layer of attendee interaction during events. With a consensus of positive responses, other companies such as Sony and DirecTV are also developing unique digital installations that help to ensure that the wide variety of guests have a memorable experience. As a team that loves new and unique ideas we are excited to see what advancements in this technology will bring next to the industry!