Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Hotel Zags: New Opening in Portland

Previously Hotel Modera, the downtown Portland property has now been transformed into The Hotel Zags Portland. This is Pebblebrook Hotel Trust's sixth "Z Hotel", a collection of properties inspired by nature and eccentric art culture. With the first Z Hotel having opened in San Francisco, this portfolio of hotels draw from the unique urban characteristics of its city's surroundings. The Hotel Zags Portland offers 174 completely renovated rooms along with environmentally friendly decor and a game room for all ages. In addition to these offerings, the Portland hotel also provides guests with a wide variety of gadgets, such as scooters and Go-Pros, that enable them to have an exciting adventure of their own. With clients always looking for a new and unique meeting experience, its great to see a new hotel that provides exactly that!

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

DoubleDutch: Cvent's Next Acquisition

Cvent, the well-known event management software company, has acquired DoubleDutch, a provider of mobile event technology. This San Francisco-based company will join SeedLabs, QuickMobile, and CrowdCompass in the list of companies added to Cvent's growing portfolio. With these acquisitions, Cvent is focused on expanding its mobile-app and on-site solution capabilities. This trend of growth for Cvent also includes the decision to hire almost 1,000 new employees this year. With the increased integration of technology in the pre-planning and on-site management of events, Cvent hopes to be the industry's leading provider. As a company always looking to provide high-quality services, we are excited to see what this acquisition will mean for Cvent.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

B&B Hotels: Goldman Sachs Looks to Make Massive Investment

Goldman Sachs is in discussion with PAI Partners to purchase B&B Hotels from them for a massive sum of $2.1 billion. PAI Partners had previously acquired the brand three years ago, which included 320 properties. Today, B&B Hotels has expanded into Spain, Italy, and Germany and includes 486 properties with 42,832 rooms. If sold to Goldman Sachs at $2.1 billion, this would be three times the amount that PAI Partners had originally acquired it for. With this exponential growth, Fabrice Collet, CEO of B&B Hotels, is looking to further its global expansion potentially with Goldman Sachs as a major investor. As a company with clients all over the world, we are excited to see this rising brand continue to grow internationally!

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