Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meeting Trends for 2016

  • It's still a seller's market. Negotiating with hotels has been difficult and will continue through the new year. In addition, hotels will less likely commit to events that are further out.
  • Healthier options for hotel menus has become a trend and some hotels are taking it to the next level with organic, vegetarian, locally sourced, and gluten-free options. As this is a significant cost for hotels, it comes with a higher menu price for planners.
  • The need to create a more compelling and memorable meeting will continue to be a trend. Planners are looking to create more sensory experiences with lighting changes, lounges with music, and educational experiences with food and beverage.
  • More interaction with mobile event apps to engage attendees and improve communication with schedule changes or sharing documents.
  • Hybrid meetings to reach a broader audience and to reduce in-person costs and travel.