Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Annual Meeting Sites Pro, Inc. Retreat

On the weekend of December 18, 2009, Meeting Sites Pro, Inc. held its first employee retreat since the company’s inception 10 years ago. The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey was the ideal venue offering a great meeting facility and relaxing atmosphere perfect for a productive retreat. The overall goal of the retreat was to team build, have fun and discuss 2010 goals. The chili cook-off contest proved to be a great team builder where we relied heavily on providing clear communication to each other to succeed. In the end, the First Annual Meeting Sites Pro, Inc. Retreat was a great opportunity for the team to bond and set goals for what is sure to be a great year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool New Ways for Entertainment in Your Own Hotel Room

Many hotels have been upgrading their rooms to go hand in hand with the entertainment technology we have available to us today, everything from iPod connectors to flat screen TVs. The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has followed the in-room entertainment trend to the tee. The hotel has recently upgraded all their rooms to have the MediaHub from TeleAdapt, which is a one stop connection for all your entertainment needs. Guest are able to connect their laptop, iPod, iphone, DVD player, camera and even your very own game console! All these connections project on to the hotel's TV screen and are heard over the in-room sound system. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, in-room entertainment comes in second for most important hotel amenity. The Mirage is not the only hotel adopting this new technology, many hotels around the world have been installing the MediaHub. It is good to hear the new trend is more and more popular, as now hotels have one more way to make us feel at home when away from home.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let The Good Times Roll!

Owners of Lucky Rug Group, Niall Donnelly and Joe Altounian, are betting the Rolling Stone name will elicit an eat, drink and be merry response from bar goers when they visit the newest launch of the brand. The first-of-its-kind Rolling Stone location set to open next summer will boast numerous levels, 10,000-square feet of lounge atmosphere which will incorporate a bar, lounge and exclusive event space. The placement of the new venue practically guarantees foot traffic as it is situated next to the Kodak Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theater. Los Angeles was a natural choice for a location because of the musical history the town boasts but also the diversity of people that visit and reside there. "The Rolling Stone brand transcends age, gender and musical preference and we are committed in making sure that everything that encompasses the Rolling Stone space at Hollywood and Highland Center will reflect that," added Altounian. For more information visit the website

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recession Calls for Creativity!

Let’s reflect on 2009: Hotels have been struggling to stay afloat since we began what feels to be a never ending recession. For this reason, hotels have been working harder than ever, and thinking of ways to get people interested in their hotels. We saw many new trends in the hotel industry in 2009. For example, in South Florida hotels had their creative minds flowing and the Wyndham in Boca Raton launched an all -women floor made especially for business women. Many hotels have also have gone “green”, as it is the biggest trend at the moment. As these hard times continue into 2010 we will see more and more new ways of attracting consumers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hotels Play a Big Role in the Success of Communities in Phoenix

Hotels play a bigger part in contributing to the success of the Phoenix community more than residents may realize. A new study was released by the Destination & Travel Foundation, featuring the city of Phoenix found that one guestroom alone generated $6,300 in taxes among other findings. The study proves that not only have hotels in Phoenix significantly contributed to the income of the city but that other cities might have similar revenue coming in from hotels. "For people within our industry, this data is educational; for people outside our industry, it can be enlightening as to just how hotels are a fabric to one's community needs," said the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau (GPCVB) President and CEO, Steve Moore. More than $166 million in taxes came from Phoenix hotels. The study is representative of Phoenix, although Phoenix is just one large metropolitan city in comparison to what the possible overall total of hotel revenue is in the Unites States. For more information go to the following website:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

See Who Made It to The Leading Hotels of the World 2010 Directory

There is something new in 2010’s directory for The Leading Hotels of the World. Based on adjusted standards, now the worldwide directory includes hotels who truly represent their brand. There are more than 450 members in over 80 countries across the world. Debuting in the directory for 2010 are 13 hotels in Jochberg, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Cologne, Bonn, Germany; Sicily, Agrigento, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; Guangzhou, P.R. of China; Shanghai, P.R. of China; Sentosa Island, Singapore; Riviera Maya, Mexico; Buenaventua, Panama and São Paulo, Brazil. See who’s new at

Monday, December 7, 2009

Customer Service and Touch Points

Customer service is not something that “just happens”. It is a series of actions taken to be distinguished as superior and go above and beyond a guest’s expectations. The key is to identify the touch points that lead to a great experience. Every touch point is an opportunity to grow the relationship and make a good impression. Missing a last touch point can jeopardize an entire experience, so it is important to understand that touch points are equally important. For example: A guest might have had the best service up to the point of leaving a hotel's parking lot. They experience bad service with the parking attendant while leaving, and now that is their last and most memorable impression of the hotel is negative. See how to identify touch points and improve your ability to provide outstanding customer service.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Hotel with Full Amenities That Will Blow Your Mind!

Le Meridien in Minneapolis recently announced that they are the first fully featured luxury hotel. The CEO of Le Meridien hotels, Juergen Bartels, brought this new concept called “Art + Tech” is and made this distinction happen. “Art + Tech” brings full amenities to this hotel such as KoolConnection by Sprint, which includes thousands of videos and music on demand. Other new amenities consumers will be happy about is the climate control rooms, rain shower heads, 42 inch plasma TVs and high speed internet that can be connected to the TV for better viewing. All the “Art + Tech” rooms have also been designed by famous designers, with each room having their own flare. This new concept seems to attract guests that are ready for a change in the hotel world.