Friday, August 21, 2009

Meeting / Event Planners Want It All

In today’s economy, properties exemplifying over-the-top customer service practices are walking away with most of the meeting planning industry’s business. Even when meeting planners are working with a smaller budget, they are not willing to sacrifice good customer service for cost-saving purposes. In a recent study, 85% of meeting professionals claimed customer service as their number one factor in choosing a venue for their programs. From early on in the planning process, sales managers have the ability to win over meeting planners. Being knowledgeable about their property and spending time studying the client’s program to see how it can best fit into their property instills a level of confidence that is invaluable to planners. Brands that ensure employee satisfaction acknowledge that if employees are satisfied with their job, the customers will be satisfied with the property and will develop brand loyalty and repeat business. Building personal rapport with clients is key in customer service as well. Taking the time to send birthday cards or specialized items that the client is interested in even long after an event is over helps build rapport and repeat business. These standards are winning over clients in today’s economy and will allow properties to thrive.

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