Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends and Colleagues Are Not the Only Ones Following You on Your Social Network

Mr. Horan announced to his Twitter followers that he was “"At the Orlando Marriott World Center for RIM WES 2010 [a technology conference]. But I have the crappiest room in the hotel." He immediately received an apology note and was upgraded to a pool view room the very next day.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have given hotel guests a bigger voice when it comes to posting a complaint or even their desire for a cold beer. Hotels, such as the Orlando Marriott World Center, now have employees searching for unhappy guests through wall-posted or “twitted” complaints. Should they come across a complaint by one of their guests, the least they do is write an apology note.

Many hotel guests have been pleasantly surprised by the Front Desk staff that follows them from the Orlando Marriott World Center and other hotels. To increase the chances of your complaint being heard through your social network site, you must use your real name and the hotel’s full name.

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