Friday, July 9, 2010

Hidden Fees Can Make a Hotel Stay Not So Affordable

The lodging industry earned more than $1.75 billion this year as a result of surcharges, so the inconvenient extra hotel fees are here to stay for now.

From a fee to the $5 to receive a package to your room to the $30 for the mandatory valet parking due to the non-existence of self parking, there are other fees like towel fees, mini-bar restocking fees, in-room safe fees, housekeeping fees and the all inclusive resort fees.

Be prepared when booking your next trip and ask about all mandatory fees and taxes that will be added to your bill before you book. Also, keep these hints in mind if you find yourself in a surprise fee situation:

1. At checkout, always check your bill before signing. It is easier to dispute a charge at checkout then once you have left the hotel.

2. If you feel something was not disclosed in advance, calmly object to the fee, as front desk clerks have the authority to remove most fees.

4. If this fails, ask for the front desk manager.

5. If all else fails, remember to research and find a property that is fair to guests with all their charges.

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