Friday, April 22, 2011

Rising Airfare Costs

With the increase in gas prices, airline tickets have inflated as well. As of Monday, April 25, airlines, such as Delta, raised airfare by $10. Delta was quickly followed by Southwest, American Airlines, JetBlue, and United.

This escalation in prices marks the 7th increase this year!

"This higher fare is to offset higher fuel costs that we continue to face in the industry," said Southwest spokeswoman, Laurel Moffat.

Nevertheless, industry employees do not believe these hikes will go too high. Their customers must be willing to pay the extra charge for a plane ticket in order to keep sales up. Thus, airlines have been filling their seats to accommodate the $111 it costs for a barrel of oil. Nowadays, it is unusual if a plane is half empty.

Experts predict that this is not the last price increase flyers will see this year. In fact, between June 9 and August 21 airlines charge an additional summer fee since the demand for tickets is higher during this time.

So be sure to book flights far in advance to avoid extreme prices! To read more visit:

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