Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mobile Check-In Revolution

The airline industry is starting to use mobile check-in more frequently. Not only can you check-in to your flight using your phone but you can also get a barcode to board your flight with. Printing your boarding pass is no longer needed! Passengers can register their cell phone number with the airline when they purchase their ticket and the airline will send them a text message with a barcode or instructions on how to download the barcode when it is time for their flight. There are special scanners that airports use to detect these barcodes so you have to make sure that the airport you are flying out of supports this system. There are also always some issues with cell phones and scanners not being reliable. For the most part this eco-friendly, easy to use, industry cost saving, and convenient method has been working well.
The hotel industry is beginning to make the check-in process easy as well. For the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts as well as Omni Hotels & Resorts you may check-in with your iPhone or BlackBerry. This allows you to pick up a key at the registration desk without any wait! The hotel industry is working towards something similar to the airlines where you would be able to unlock your door with your cell phone. This would eliminate all check-in and out processes that are sometimes timely.

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