Monday, August 29, 2011

Airline Food

During the early parts of the decade, the airline industry was suffering. Who better to target than hungry travelers for a little extra revenue? Thus, the industry eliminated free meals and introduced ‘food for purchase’.

“When people are traveling, they may buy food because they are hungry or they may be looking for something to do to pass the time,” said a United spokesman. Airlines took this opportunity to charge willing passengers for inflight treats.

At first, airlines tried experimenting with healthy items; however, the most popular treats were those filled with salt and carbohydrates. “United Airlines tried offering ‘active’ and ‘organic’ snack boxes with high-protein, low-fat and organic items, but ended up donating unused boxes to thousands of food banks before eliminating them from the menu,” says Scott Mccartney, Wall Street Journal writer.

Many food connoisseurs question the nutrition and portions of these inflight meals. “Dr. Pescatore, who practices nutritional medicine in New York, says that in general, airline coach offerings today ‘are terribly unhealthy’, he says. High-calorie sandwiches are packaged with both chips and cookies, for example, and snack boxes are loaded with sugary and salty food at movie-theater prices” writes Mccartney.

Some of these snack boxes can range between 600 – 700 calories. Also, the high salt content further dehydrates passengers traveling long distances. The best option available today is packing your own food. You know exactly what you’re getting for your money!

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