Friday, November 25, 2011

Get Your Attendees' Brains Cookin’!

Get your meeting attendee’s brains cooking at your next meeting or conference by feeding them “Brain Food.” Brain Food is a new idea developed in Sweden’s Radisson Blu Hotels by Swedish nutritionist Christain Bitz, the food is made up of healthy ingredients designed to keep meeting participants sharp, full, and focused. Brain Food includes menu items consisting of fish, whole grains, eggs, fruits, and vegetables and contains less that 10% fat content and added sugar. The new menu items are designed to increase brain and physical energy by keeping a stable blood sugar and providing as much nutrition as possible. Sounds like something we should be doing for ourselves on a daily basis!

Here are some tips from the Radisson Blu for feeding yourself and your meeting attendees Brain Food:

The Six Brain Food Principles

1. Lots of fish, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables
2. Primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients
3. Pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing
4. Less meat and always a maximum 10% fat content
5. Natural sweeteners and never more than 10% added sugar
6. Focus on good taste and satisfying the senses

Using fish instead of other fatty meats helps participants stay full while not wanting to take a nap after lunch. Also, adding more vegetables and whole grains and having less meat in the meal keeps attendees from becoming tired throughout the day. Fruit for dessert instead of artificially sweetened desserts keeps attendees feeling sharp, healthy, and on top of their game during long meetings.

If you want to try one of Radisson Blu’s Brain Food ideas, check out the recipe below for an easy but yummy salmon dish with the perfect mixture of protein and healthy fats.

Salmon Pastrami

450g Norwegian Salmon
130g Salt
70g Sugar
15g Coarsely ground black pepper
15g Coarsely ground fennel seed
15g Coarsely ground mustard seed
15g Coarsely ground coriander seed

Marinate salmon in salt and sugar mixture for 20 minutes
Wash off the salt and sugar mixture of the salmon with cold water
Roll the salmon and wrap three times in plastic wrap so that it is wrapped solid
Poach the salmon at 60 degrees for 20 minutes
Unwrap the salmon in the remaining ingredients
Slice in

For more information click here and here.

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