Friday, April 20, 2012

Going for the Green!

With the entire world focused on foggy London town, officials have set a high standard for making the 2012 Summer Olympic Games eco-friendly.  In fact, they are setting out to make this year the first “truly sustainable” Olympic Games.  From public transportation, fleets of electric cars and ‘mobile’ buildings all the way down to waste management, Game officials are setting out to make every patron feel green friendly.

London is famous for their “tube,” a massive underground subway system that connects the entire city as well as the suburbs.  During the 2012 Summer Games, the Tube will be working overtime and patrons will be able to use the easy stored-value Oyster Card to zip through lines and get on their way to the events.  For those who want to enjoy the fresh summer air, Barclay’s Cycle Hire will have bicycle rentals with pick up and drop off stations all across the city.  London has also announced a fleet of cars that will cater to the Games’ VIP guests.  While most of the BMW’s will run on clean diesel, 200 of them will be BMW’s new electric-only cars. 
Sustainability supporters will be cheering for the waste management efforts that will be implemented for the Games.  Food vendors in Olympic Park must use compostable packaging while Coca-Cola plans to try a new waste management system for large scale events along with collecting and recycling all plastic bottles used. Not even the arenas will go to waste!  Some venues, like the arena for the basketball tournament, can be dismantled and reused after the Games are finished.

It seems that almost every aspect of the games is “going green.” The United Kingdom has created an independent audit system for hotels that have eco-friendly features and fit sustainability standards.  In Olympic Park, there will be an area that resembles a nature preserve with a large wetland area that will be able to gather the rainwater runoff.  With all of these efforts, organizers are hoping that all of the green initiatives will raise environmental awareness for the 2012 Summer Games and future games as well.

Happy Earth Day!

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