Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best New Airport Amenities

As free Wi-Fi and charging outlets settle in as a standard for airports worldwide, new amenities are cropping up at airports to make traveling easier, healthier and more productive.

Yoga Room: San Francisco International and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport have both recently installed yoga studios, equipped with matts, privacy screen, and quiet space reserved for contemplation and reflection.

Free landlines: Ad-supported landlines now offer free calls domestically, and free ten-minute calls internationally. Specifically when travelling abroad, this can be a great resource for vacationers or infrequent travelers that do not have international phone plans.

Healthy meals and snacks: From sushi bars to Food Network Kitchen, it has become common for airports to offer a healthy alternative to fast food joints. O’Hare International Airport in Chicago has even introduced a Farmer’s Market Kiosk with fresh fruits and vegetables available to grab and go.

TSA PreCheck: This voluntary screening and registration process allows frequent flyers to prequalify for expedited screening, which modifies requirements such as removal of shoes and certain carry-on items. This alleviates lines for all involved, which qualifies as a definite improvement.

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