Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Cabins in Japan

A small hotel chain in Japan has created a whole new concept based on rooms themed as first class airplane suites.  Their rooms are a little larger than most traditional Japanese rooms yet not as spacious as a regular hotel and at the right price points. Oh and they have rules like one person per "cabin," and in that cabin you'll find everything you need for a short stay, including pajamas and basic toiletries. Bathrooms are shared, but super clean locker room/sauna-style, and floors are sex-segregated, so no sharing your cabin (at all). As you'll be sacrificing some privacy and the focus is on short stays, nightly rates begin from about $27. Locations are prime, though, near very central transportation hubs and energetic neighborhoods. I find this concept both ingenious and terrible; what do you think?

First Class Cabins. Photo courtesy of Plantec Associates.

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