Friday, January 3, 2014

Travel Hacks

With the New Year comes new opportunity to travel for business or pleasure. Here are some of our favorite travel-themed life hacks to get you there cheaper, faster, smarter and more comfortably:

  • Avoid airport pickup hassles by taking a free shuttle to a nearby airport.
  • Try asking for an upgraded room at check in. Chances are there's a nicer room than yours sitting empty, so why not enjoy it? Consumer Reports recently published that while only 28% of the survey’s respondents ask for upgrades, 78% got what they asked for! Even if you don’t get an upgrade, you might get free wifi or other perks.
  • Always pack a power strip. It comes in handy when you’re waiting around in an airport and when your hotel room hides all the outlets behind the headboard.
  • If you’re traveling for a special occasion, always let the hotel know in advance. They might have special packages available or they might make a small gesture to make your special trip even better.
  • Consult SeatGuru to see if your plane offers outlets:
  • Save a good quality image or scan of your passport, driver’s license and boarding pass… just in case…
  • Change your attitude about the airport. It doesn't have to be so painful! Go have a drink, find an ice cream, discover a new book, or scout out the observation lounge. Just don’t miss your flight.
  • If you’re checking bags, mark your luggage fragile, that way your baggage is more likely to be on top and the first one out.
  • Watch this video for 11 packing hacks
  • Mount your tablet to the seat back in front of you using the headrest Velcro:

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