Friday, May 2, 2014

Tips for Business Travelers

With peak meeting season upon us, and the economy seemingly working in the right direction, the GBTA has predicted an increase in the number of business travelers this year. This means that many of you could be spending a lot more time on the go. How do those seasoned travelers make it look so seamless? Here are a few of their tricks.

Getting extra sleep and water before your trip can actually reduce jet lag, and keep your immune system in fighting shape in airports and stuffy airplanes. Having a 'travel kit' which includes easy access to work files, a predetermined travel wardrobe, and small luxuries to help you relax during travel can make all the difference when you fly.

An essential part of life on the road is sticking to your routine. Having healthy snacks on hand, and choosing a hotel with a gym can put some normalcy into your life. And there is nothing wrong with giving yourself time to relax by taking a personal day (or hour!) if possible during your schedule. Don't be tempted to consume too much caffeine or alcohol during your travels, and know when to put your work away and get a good nights sleep.

Check out the full article for more helpful information to keep you going strong this year. Happy travels!

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