Friday, February 27, 2015

Washington DC Hotels are Preparing for 2016 Election

As you could expect, Washington DC becomes incredibly popular during election time. Therefore, now is the perfect time to build new hotels and complete some renovations to older ones. Here is a highlight on some major renovations and new properties.

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC
The Trump International Hotel plans to open its doors in 2016. Trump Hotel Collection has been chosen as the preferred developer for the hotel in the Old Post Office in DC. This will be a $200 million redevelopment. Donald Trump stated that “"When completed, one of the finest hotels anywhere in the world. The building itself, which is totally irreplaceable, is going to be brought back to far beyond its original grandeur." While this hotel will offer the guests a view of the Washington DC skyline, it is also an ideal location for meetings holding 39,000 square feet of meetings and events space.

The Line, Washington DC
This new hotel chain first opening in Los Angeles now has a hotel opening in Washington DC. They have newly constructed a 110 year old neo classical church in Adams Morgan neighborhood. This hotel chain is focused on targeting millennial's by being the “cool hotel”. They are expecting to have around 10,000 square feet of meeting and event space. There is on confirmed time of opening yet, however they are hopeful to have it completed before the election.

The Watergate Hotel, Washington DC

Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for being the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. During the 2008 real estate problem, the property fell into foreclosure. Euro Capital purchased the hotel at an auction and has poured 125 million dollars into the property. They are expecting this luxurious property to be reopened in summer of 2015. They have designed it to be more accommodating to meetings with a 17,000 square foot meeting space, 7,000 square foot ballroom, and a rooftop bar. 

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