Friday, January 8, 2010

New Marketing Techniques, New Guests?

A new decade has begun and consumers and meeting planners will be enticed by the new hotel trends in 2010 yet to emerge. From a travel and tourism marketing perspective, the needs of travelers have changed extraordinarily in the last year and a half and so have the tools to keep up with these needs. Though demand is likely to increase for business travelers, leisure travelers may be trickier to tempt. The use of direct-to-business marketing as a tool may become the new way to successfully market because it’s used to target individuals. In order to attract leisure guests, properties will need to increase their visibility to customers and may start to target individuals golfing or shopping activities and packages. New social media strategies will abound in the hopes of targeting travelers, but innovation in marketing may be the recipe for success to a profitable hotel business in 2010.

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