Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cruising to Your Next Meeting

Looking for an exciting location for your next meeting, corporate retreat, or incentive trip? How about the big blue sea? Having a meeting on a cruise is an affordable, exotic, and refreshing alternative to the usual hotel venue.

More and more companies are catching on to using cruises as venues for their meetings. Interest is growing due to the significant cost reduction of using cruises. When comparing prices, an all-inclusive cruise event can save up to 30% of overall cost. All inclusive of meals, entertainment, presentation equipment, and meeting space in one package, a cruise not only offers saving but added convenience. Attendees have access to many amenities such as nightly entertainment, happy hour, and personally chosen meals. All-inclusive packages reduce a budget significantly.

Cruises also offer incredible team building experiences, incorporating social events and excursions that give attendees enough time to refresh and energize their minds between meetings. Combining leisure and business can produce magnificent results for a company. A comfortable environment enhances teambuilding, and the fact that there’s nowhere for anyone to go creates a captive audience. Companies can book a private charter or part of the ship depending on their size.

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