Friday, December 16, 2011

The World of Water

Water is the oldest resource used in the meeting planning business, but it also provides one of the newest food and beverage options. With all the choices for water today: still, sparkling, bottled, tap? None of the former possibilities offer the taste bud excitement of the newest food and beverage trend. Infused water- water infused with real fruit, spices, and herbs, is the newest trick in the meeting planning industry for a low cost, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing treat for your reception.

At your next meeting, get creative and ask the venue for infused water at the water station instead of the usual plain water station set up. Infused water set ups include at least three carafes of different infused flavors. Flavors can include lemon-lime, pineapple-orange, mixed berry, cucumber mint, with an additional touch of flavors such as basil, cilantro, rosemary, and even habaneros. The choices of flavors are endless and stop only with the limitations of your imagination!

These tasty flavors provide a healthy and low cost alternative to sodas and coffee for your reception. The infused water also provides d├ęcor for the room with the array of fruit floating colorfully in the carafes. With all the healthy and yummy fruit floating around, your attendees will want to try all the possible flavors adding some spice to your reception. The new infused water trick cuts the need for plastic water bottles and soda cans helping make your meeting more environmentally friendly. Using carafes and glasses for the reception water station helps your meeting reach its green meeting goals.

When planning your next meeting, try this new trick for enhancing your reception by adding flavor and color to the usually boring water station. Your attendees will love the tasty and healthy alternative you provided, and your clients are sure to appreciate the earth-friendly, cost cutting benefits of serving this yummy treat.

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