Friday, January 27, 2012

Do It Yourself…..Dinner?

New catering trends now boast thing like “interactive” and “customizable.” The days of being stuck at a table for several hours at a banquet or other meal function are over. Caterers across the country are putting their own twist on bringing the kitchen to you like Creative Edge Parties in New York who offers a cut-your-own pasta station with hanging sheets of handmade pasta.

Not only does this trend lead to make it yourself buffets like devil-your-own egg bar, it also brings chefs out of the kitchen so that you can see them hard at work. A new device called the “anti-griddle” is being used in these up close chef interactions for freezing things instead of cooking them.

Chefs are not the only ones that get to come out of the kitchen and have some fun with these new trends. More and more catering companies are also offering carts of different food and drink items that can be prepared on the spot or served up to mingling guests. These carts can carry anything from ice cream cones with toppings to a full carving station that comes to you.

Guests will also benefit from this move towards more interactive food. Long meal functions can tend to drag in a large room setting where the only people you talk to are those seated to your right and left. Being able to get up and mingle with people while you create something together can help to bring your guests together or to break them out of long business sessions at the end of the day.

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