Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving Your Meetings Into the Techno-age

Most delegates and meeting attendees are now glued to their smart phones and tablets. According to One+ tablet and smartphone sales surpassed desktop and laptop computers in 2011.

Event-goers more often than not want to connect their audience with the event they are attending in real time they like to share their experiences as they happen and not after the fact. This creates new demands for events.

Wi-Fi connections are now standard in contract terms. Depending on the size of your meeting you may need a tech expert from your venue to help you establish things like the number of connections needed and the bandwidth and whether or not you will need extra power. These things can now significantly affect how long your attendees stay in their sessions. Though cell phones now often have 3G coverage service can be spotty and attendees are likely to walk out in order to send important emails or respond to messages if you don’t have the internet connection available to allow them a solid connection.

When the room is full of smart phones and tablets you should use that to your advantage. No doubt these folks engage in social media so why not ask them to follow you on twitter or join in a discussion on your Facebook community? Your resources for more web traffic and word of mouth marketing are sitting right in front of you.

There are many more roads we can go down with technology such as apps for you conference, video interviews in the hallways, and ways to take the conference with you on the go however groups and companies should be careful of jumping into the tecno-world too fast. If you are not prepared to build your own app then don’t do it but we should all be moving forward with all the fully executable options available to us.

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