Friday, March 16, 2012

“Book” Your Next Advisory Board Here!

Manhattan’s the Library Hotel is a truly unique experience for leisure and business traveler’s alike. This boutique hotel, offering some of the best views of New York City’s Public Library, keeps in theme while offering a sophisticated sanctuary in the heart of the city. Just two blocks from Grand Central station, this hotel is an oasis from the hustle and bustle on the streets below.

The hotel offers over 6,000 volumes of books, categorized, as every other library using the Dewey Decimal system. Each of the ten guestroom floors honors on of the 10 categories of the classification system. To take it one step further, each guestroom is stocked with exquisite artwork and a collection of books relevant to its own distinctive topic within the floor’s category. The hotel’s honeymoon room is number 1100.006 (1100 referring to Philosophy and 006 referring to Love).

The hotel offers 60 rooms and a few intimate meeting spaces including the Executive Inspiration Boardroom, seating up to 12, the Writer’s Den, comfortably accommodating 20 reception-style, and the Poetry Garden, an indoor greenhouse, perfect for the group’s breakfast and lunch functions. For your next Advisory Board, lobby to book all of your doctors on the math and science floor!

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