Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frugal Planning Tips

Meeting planning more often than not centers around saving money while adding value to an event.  When you are looking to create memorable experiences for attendees on a budget, there are so many creative ways this can be done. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

While planning F&B…

Try a three-drink bar menu. A fair compromise between an open bar and a cash bar, this allows the option of beer, wine, and a signature drink. The signature drink will spark conversation and add a customized twist to the event.

Opt out of the dessert menu. Instead, for casual receptions try a candy buffet. Ask the hotel to provide different vases and glass containers, and buy the candy wholesale in bulk.

 Look local. Find a local or seasonal wine to serve. This will allow you to shop around for a good value while still serving a memorable product.

While designing décor…

Less flowers, more vase. Fill vases with water or find intricate but inexpensively designed vases, and include just a few blooms in each. Different combinations will add combinations of elegance and simplicity without the expense of a fresh flower bouquet on each table.

Use your AV team. Uplighting and company gobos are great and cost-effective alternatives to props, drapery, and other space décor. Warm colors and themed lighting can save your budget while creating an intimate space.

Speaking of AV…

Be resourceful. Ask your hotel if there are similar events happening in the space directly before yours. If you can coordinate vendors and re-use some of the same lighting, décor or AV set up, you will save tons in labor and shipping.

Thanks to our friends at M&C Magazine for these tips!

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