Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Acts of Flowers

Ever feel bad letting hundreds of blooms go to waste after a successful corporate event?  Some companies forego floral centerpieces altogether because of the excessive waste they produce after providing décor for only a few hours.  Now, there’s a solution!

Charities are sprouting up all over the country to pickup left-over arrangements and donate them to people that need a little extra cheer like nursing home and hospital patients, foster kids and veterans.
Research shows that there is a connection between mental and physical health and perennials.  Studies have shown that people who see flowers or plants in the morning have an increased level of energy throughout the day.  A positive attitude speeds up healing time and reduces pain, anxiety and fatigue associated with illness, stress and depression. 

Random Acts of Flowers serves the entire state of Tennessee, but chances are no matter where your next event is being held, there is a charitable organization willing to pick up your arrangements and spread the joy to someone that needs it.

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