Friday, March 21, 2014

Smart Microphones

The newest app that you need for a successful meeting has been released and it is called Crowd Mics. This new app allows audience members to use their iPhones and Androids as a microphone. To enable this app the speaker must simply plug their smartphone into the room’s sound system. Once the app is activated they create a name and access code and give it to the audience members that have already downloaded the free app. The speaker has options for different settings that give him control of who is able to speak and when. If an audience member wishes to speak they simply tap their smartphone and they will appear in a chronological order on the speaker’s phone. Per their request the speaker can opt to enable that individual’s microphone or mute them. The speaker can turn on the group’s “open mic” mode to enable everyone to speak as they please. This app allows for audience members to submit comments to the presenter and offers polling functions. The event organizer will be charged nothing for Crowd Mics app for first 20 people and only $25 for the first 50 people.

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