Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The New Knickerbocker in NYC

The Knickerbocker hotel in Midtown New York City has seen some serious press, and it’s not even open yet.  The hotel has a history as a Beaux-Arts beauty, originally referred to as “The Knick”.  It was closed in 1920, and has lived its life since as an office building. The last vestige of the hotel it was, the “Knickerbocker” sign hanging above a blocked entrance in the Times Square subway station.  But the past two years have seen it getting a facelift to become the beauty it once was in a modern light.

With a scheduled opening for February 12, 2015, we can’t wait to the finishing touches put on this beauty.  Meeting spaces will be state-of-the art, catering will be by master chef Charlie Palmer, and the 300+ guest rooms are rumored to be absolutely beautiful.

Would you host a meeting in this new luxury spot in the heart of the city?

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