Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's Next After Black Friday? Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is coming soon and hotels hope to cash in the spending spree with point and click vacation gifts. Historically, shoppers are focused on tangible gifts not purchasing trips during the holiday season but hotels are hoping that may change when they see the new promotions designed to distract just in time for Christmas. The Hyatt has launched their version of a ‘wish list’ complete with the ability to forward on a potential itinerary with items or activities the traveler would like. The idea is that friends or family can peruse the list and purchase what is within their budget, perfect for the hard to buy relative or friend. Not to be outdone, is adding to the joy of the season by offering a 50-percent discount for a four-night stay for more than 200 hotels in 100 different locations. For jolly shoppers with extra money to spend, vacations are just a click away. For more information please visit:

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