Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: San Francisco

People come from all over the world to visit the city of San Francisco and for good reason. There is an endless amount of places to visit catering to every personality. Oh, you like science? You might like to visit the California Academy of Sciences where almost every exhibit is interactive. The living 4-story rainforest exhibit is a must see. It serves as an oasis inside the museum that you won’t want to miss.
Maybe, you are craving a sourdough bread bowl filled to the brim with fresh clam chowder to enjoy while you take in the views of the ocean? Fisherman’s Wharf provides a wide selection of places you can indulge in seafood at so don’t stop at the first restaurant you see! Give yourself time to wander and pick the place with the best smelling soup. There are several places to eat outside and perhaps watch the sea lions.

 After picking out your favorite bowl of soup go ahead and wander over to visit the Bush Man. If you are looking for a good laugh the Bush Man will do the trick. He literally disguises himself behind a bush in the middle of the sidewalk which doesn’t sound very subtle but surprisingly enough it scares people almost every time. Just make sure to be a member of the audience and not be the one being the next Bush Man’s visitor J
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