Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Dublin, Ireland

Ireland sets itself apart from the rest of Europe with its culture and overwhelmingly welcoming community, creating a more casual and refreshing change of pace in business from the more deliberate business practices around the world. It’s a great place for leisure and business, especially if you have people coming from all places and cultures
Business in Ireland
Expect extensive and social conversation amidst your business transactions in Ireland. Dublin is about relationships and networking; business agreements are done once a friendship is established. Expect business to be coupled with dinner, golf, and other social events.
Dubliners are also much more casual, and don’t have as much concern for process and procedure as they do for working together and problem solving. So let your guard down, get to know your business companions and trust each other when solving issues and creating solutions.
Play in Ireland
Dublin has continued to hold onto its small-town community feel, so you will quickly get a feel for the people and places. Check out their famous pubs, theaters, or anywhere with live music! Feel free to explore on foot and browse libraries, the Dublin Castle, or museums while you are there. And of course, say hello to everyone you meet!

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