Wednesday, January 16, 2013

News: Facebook's Graph Search

Facebook has announced their new “Graph search” tool which is going to give Google a run for their money as the top search engine. This new tool is revolutionary in that they are able to search for specifics within their friends. For example, instead of looking for a restaurant review on Yelp by a complete stranger, you can now search to see what your friends have said about the same restaurant. You are able to customize your search using key words to search amongst your friends instead of all the information available on the internet which is how it differs from Google. You’ll be able to search exclusively for the people who like macaroons in the neighborhood you live in amongst your friends. The way this search tool is engineered will change the way people interact with one another and take in information.
How do you think this new search tool will affect meeting planning in the future?
Check out more about it in this article:

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