Thursday, January 24, 2013

Up & Coming Meeting Destinations

As the meetings and conventions industry makes a comeback in the economy, many companies are looking to find affordable but attractive options for their corporate events. Here are some new rising stars in the world that can ensure an economical but unforgettable meeting.

Austin, Texas:
Austin has growing popularity as a meeting planning location for its balance of affordable and ample meeting space with a thriving nightlife and culture that visitors can enjoy. Austin is also well-known for flagship city-wide conventions, so be sure to keep those in mind when planning your event.

Northwest Costa Rica:
New access to air transportation in Costa Rica’s airports has made this a popular option for beaches, volcanoes, and outdoor adventures. Tourism rates stay affordable with all-inclusive resorts and meeting deals, particularly from August to October.


Although companies may see Israel as controversial, it is very safe and has a vital economy dependent on tourism. Its rich history, bustling city, and an English-speaking business world, corporate meetings become very accessible and affordable.

South Africa:
South Africa has a young but quickly growing meeting industry. Setting itself apart with Africa’s rich natural landscape, beautiful weather, and welcoming people, this can be a completely different and unique meeting destination.

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