Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Oftentimes the hardest part about planning an event in a city not your own is finding a reliable vendor to work with on needs such as AV or d├ęcor. Many times we can work with the in-house team if you are having your meeting at a hotel. However, sometimes there are special needs that the in-house team cannot provide and you have to find someone to come in. Finding a vendor is not the difficult part, it is finding one that is reliable since you have probably not worked with them previously.
Lucky for us, there is now the Event Library. It is a website that allows companies to leave peer reviews of the vendors that they have used by city so that should you find out you have a meeting somewhere you haven’t been, you can search the city and find a company that someone else has used and approved or disapproved of. It is like a Yelp but catered to specifically event planners.
It is still in the beginning stages so there are a limited number of reviews, vendors, and cities. However, as word spreads about this wonderful website, hopefully so will the number of reviews and places to review.
Check out the website to take a look for yourself:

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