Thursday, April 25, 2013

High-Tech Hotels

Gone are the days where hotel Wi-Fi was questionable and phones were used to call room service. These 10 hotels are pioneering future-forward technology that offer us a glimpse into a new generation of lodging. Here are a few things you can start saying good-bye to:

Do-Not-Disturb Signs: The Hotel 1000 (Seattle) offers silent, infrared doorbells that detect body heat in a room. This signals to housekeeping whether the room is empty and also gives you the option of pressing a do-not-disturb button when you leave.

Automated Wake-Up Calls: Hotels like the Aria Resort & Casino (Las Vegas) has guestrooms that allow you to customize the lighting, temperature, and music that you would like to wake up to in the morning. The room has automated drapes, lights, and a TV that turns on as you enter, and you can customize their functionality throughout your stay.

Boring Bathrooms: The Hotel Bel-Air includes heated floors, an in-mirror LED television, and the Neorest 600, a toilet that has a control panel for flushing, seat heating, and deodorizing.

Altitude Sickness: Stay at the Scarp Ridge Lodge (Crested Butte, CO) for your ski trip, and be provided with additional oxygen to customize the altitude to whatever you are used to.

Generic D├ęcor: At citizenM Times Square (New York), use your electronic, handheld mood pad to design your space with lighting, music, digital art, window blinds, mood-enhanced wake-up calls, and more from the comfort of your bed.

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