Friday, April 5, 2013

Lost and Found Website Launched for Hotels

It is common knowledge to any traveler that once you have left a personal item in your hotel room, checked out, and left the premises, the odds of getting it back are slim to none. Employees still manually log items left behind by guests, which leads hotel staff up a blind alley trying to locate an item someone contacts them trying to find.

Enter, a brand new website that has officially launched today. Now, hotel employees can type in a description of the lost item, the location it was found in, and other helpful information. Guests can do the same, and they will be notified if there is a match. Once they have been notified, guests can fill out a form that offers them shipping options; the website will then generate and forward a prepaid shipping label to the hotel staff.  

30 hotels have already jumped on board with the company’s inception; the site is a free service to hotels, and fosters a very strong loyalty and value for the brand with guests. Chargerback hopes to expand this much-needed service to rental cars, cab companies, and airlines.  

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