Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making a Hotel a Home

In our industry and many others, frequent travel is the name of the game. Unfortunately, many studies show that days or weeks on the road can lead to high stress as well as poor eating and sleeping habits. As a way of life, this can add up and take a toll on your mental and physical health. USA Today shared a great article with tips to stabilize your health and happiness on the road. We love and use many of these practices, and hope you do too!

A common theme in our own office and with travelers interviewed is to consistently bring a couple of home comforts. Whether it is framed pictures of loved ones, your own pillow, or a favorite scented candle, they provide consistency and can be a reminder of the personal connections with family or friends.

Another major focus was taking measures to be physically healthy on the road. Travel with your own beverages and healthy snacks, so eating out and room service don’t take a toll on your body and make you feel sluggish. One woman interviewed even asks the hotel for a vase and buys flowers for her bedside, as the aroma and presence of plants can have a soothing effect. For relaxation, most hotels have iPod docks now so you can use your favorite music to decompress. One therapist emphasized the importance of keeping your routine. Sleep, exercise, and even watch TV shows as you normally would at home; this can aid sleeping disorders.

Our last recommendation is to alter the room to suit you. Though it can sometimes seem like a hassle on a short trip, unpack your suitcase so you aren’t living out of your luggage. If you want the furniture rearranged, move it. Make the best use of the natural light in the room. If you prefer a room with a tub, or away from the street, or facing away from an early sunrise, ask the reservation staff in advance and they can often accommodate you.

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