Monday, July 30, 2012

Meeting Mondays: WEC 2012

WEC 2012 started this past Saturday and goes until tomorrow in St. Louis, Missouri. What does WEC stand for you may ask? World Education Congress. Hosted by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) every year, this convention brings thousands of meeting planners, event planners, hoteliers, tech pros, and many other service providers together at this conference to share their ideas on how to make better connections in this industry. It is a great way for professionals to meet and network while exchanging ideas and learning from experts on how to connect. They have training for both beginning and intermediate levels as well as programs for those professionals who are looking to gain certification. It is a great educational conference designed so that when the attendees leave, they have a better understanding of how to best utilize the tools we have been provided with in the past few years, as well as foster the personal connections we have already made.
Check out the website to learn more about WEC 2012:

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