Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tech Thursdays: 5 Recommended Travel Apps

The travelers of today do not leave a single detail outside of their travel arrangements.  Before visiting their destination, they investigate everything such as: best places to visit, weather forecasts, lodging, food, exchange rates if you are traveling internationally, and more.  It is as if they are their own travel agency. It is always better to plan ahead to prevent mishaps than to arrive somewhere and not be prepared or have something happen that leaves you high and dry.
In these times where we don’t go anywhere without our phones, it’s no news that when we travel we would want to have apps downloaded that would facilitate traveling.  Among those apps the following 5 have been the top apps recommended for 2012:

Cost: Free
Description: Used for: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch.  This application is very simple to use and serves as a conversions calculator for currencies all over the world.

Cost: Free
Description: This app will locate your destination and provide you with the best restaurants of the area.

Cost: Free
Description: This GPS will easily find your location and give you walking information such as names of streets, compass and audio guides. It also provides the opportunity of sharing the best places in your destination with others.

Tip Calculator
Cost: $0.99
Description: Tip Calculator not only calculates a tip but has an exclusive and original Bill Split feature. Pay the right amount every single time and have fun doing it. Impress your friends with the best iPhone tip calculator around. 

Cost: $2.99
Description: This application has up to date schedules of more than 1100 airlines and 4200 airports and allows you to filter by company, location, time, date etc.  

Next time you travel don’t forget that all the information needed is at your fingertips with your mobile device.  

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