Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Going Green On The Green At Longboat Key

A lot of business gets done during tee time.  In the event that you’re doing business on the green, the course at Longboat Key Club and Resort just got a bit greener!  Longboat Key has long been a leader in green technology – incorporating resort-wide sustainable and energy saving practices for many years.  So when the resort decided to revamp their golf courses, they implemented a Green Golf Course Technology standard for golf course maintenance. 
John Reilly, the director of agronomy at Longboat Key, has spent the past two years building the course, battling near drought conditions and creating a green sanctuary.  The course uses all natural fertilizers composed of water-soluble nitrogen and filtered organic mixtures.   The lake and water areas are treated with only biodegradable applications and there is no mass application of synthetic pest control on the golf courses. 
Some other sustainability efforts made by Longboat Key include filtering the runoff from sprinklers through natural compounds which is creating a healthier environment for everyone using, visiting, and living near the course – including animals! Through the resort’s efforts to stop using synthetic fertilizers and contaminated runoff, there has been a perceptible increase in the blue crab, seabird, and other island animal population.
Longboat Key’s frequent golfers can join the sustainability efforts without messing up their game.  The club provides biodegradable tees and service ware, energy efficient golf carts, and recycled water at all rewash stations. So golfers, next time you want to join in on saving the Earth and get a beautiful round of golf in, head down to Longboat Key Resort and Club on the gulf coast of Florida – it will be the greenest game you’ve ever played!

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