Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Fall Fashion

Fall is coming and although we love summer, we are looking forward to all the exciting layering possibilities that the fall brings us. We are still in the in between season between summer and fall. I know a concern for some people is how to transition their summer clothes into fall so that they do not have to go out and buy a whole new fall wardrobe. Below I have listed one way you can wear your favorite summer clothes into fall so you don’t have to put them away for good.

A summer dress that we typically wear just by itself can be transformed for our fall wardrobe by adding a few basics that we probably already have in our closet. By adding a pair of tights, we make this dress more Fall appropriate and weather ready. To top it off, we add some black booties that every girl should have and a light cardigan and we are ready to go. If the cardigan is not enough, you can always add on a heavier jacket and this outfit can carry you well into winter!

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