Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion Fridays: London Edition

With the Olympics in full swing, all eyes are focused on London and the participating athletes in the most exciting athletic event of the year.  While most of us are unable to attend, we are able to pretend we are by emulating London’s unique and impeccable style which has earned them a spot as one of the fashion capitals of the world.
Having its own unique flavor, London fashion is a mix of prep, grunge, and overall the best layering you will ever find. Having to always be prepared for the weather, Brits are masters in layering. A perfect example of London fashion would be style icon, Alexa Chung.
Here Alexa has shown us perfectly how to layer to be summer sweet and yet be completely prepared for any weather mishaps that may come along in London. She started off her outfit with a neutral shirtdress that is easy to slip on for days you don't want to think about what to wear. Over that, she has layered a striped cardigan and then a long coat in case it got a little chilly. On her feet, she wears socks in neutral tones to spice up her black peep-toe booties. To top everything off, she has a very ladylike purse in another neutral pink shade. By taking style notes from Alexa, you can never go wrong while getting dressed.

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