Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Cosmospolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan (commonly referred to as Cosmo) is the newest hotel and resort in Las Vegas. Opening on December 2010, with 2,995 rooms, AAA Five Star Rating, 100,000 square foot Casino, and over 150,000 sf of meeting space, the Cosmo has become the place to be. Originally the Cosmo was built to be mostly condos, but with the real estate market taking a dive it made more sense to turn the condos into hotel rooms. For this reason, the Cosmo offers oversized residential styled living spaces with private terraces and gorgeous views of the Las Vegas skyline.
The Cosmo is centrally located on the strip and offers world-class dining, stylish design, and a vibrant nightlife. Three distinct pool experiences allow guest to sit back and relax at their own pace. Your next meeting experience could be redefined by the combinations that the Cosmo has to offer. The Cosmo is a great example of a resort and casino on the strip that makes their guests want to shout “Viva Las Vegas!”

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