Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tech Thursdays: Meeting Apps

In today’s world, everyone has a smart phone glued to their hands.  These smart phones, while tiny, bring a world of possibilities literally to your fingertips.  The best potential for business on phones comes from apps – applications that can do everything from booking a hotel, checking traffic, or even just pinning a mustache on a friend.  How can you tap into this world of opportunity at your next meeting? Check out these apps that can help get your next meeting and event connected.
GamifyApp - Everyone loves to play games on their phone, so why not turn your conference into a game?  In the GamifyApp, attendees can earn badges by ‘checking in’ to exhibitor’s booths or specified areas, answering questions about sessions, or taking part of an event specific scavenger hunt.  Organizers receive this information and can use it to share with the clients or for their own feedback.
Pathable - Pathable, a custom online community brings social networking at events to another level.  This app integrates with registration systems to create a virtual presence for each attendee.  This allows them to network with each other, create custom agendas, and download session handouts.  Pathable is a great way to get attendees to connect with each other and stay informed about everything happening at the conference or meeting.
CardCloud - The days after an event, attendees find business cards everywhere.  How great would it be if all those cards could be stored in one place? With the CardCloud app, it’s possible!  CardCloud allows users to swap online business cards or send the contact information through email.  It can store multiple cards for each user and each new contact is marked with a time and location stamp for an easy reminder of where and when a particular connection happened. 
Now more than ever you can easily connect your attendees to your event.  With these apps and so many more, you can keep the focus on the event while participants still feel connected to their favorite thing – their smartphone!

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