Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is one of the key business areas in Latin America, but its culture and attractions are sure to be the main event. This busy city is home to an array of activity all year that grab the attention of people everywhere. Here are a few reasons to visit Sao Paulo: 
·    Sports: The beloved Brazilian sport of soccer (or football as they call it) has given the city three different stadiums, all which are home to different teams. No matter which one you visit, the energy is unprecedented and will make for an unforgettable experience!
·    Ibirapuera Park: This impressive park has winding bike paths, lakes, and attractions from an open-air theatre to a roller skating rink. It’s a wonderful escape from the busy city with breathtaking scenery.
·    Culture: However you like to get a taste of a city’s culture, Sao Paulo has something for you. Musical performances and ballets at the Teatro Municipal, hundreds of museums, outdoor fairs and markets, and even Liberdade, a Japanese district, are great places to see. Also keep an eye out for different events at the stadiums in between soccer games!
·    Shopping: Home to the major Sao Paulo Fashion Week, you can’t leave Sao Paulo without shopping! Both in Sao Paulo and Guarja, a beach about an hour away from Sao Paulo, you can shop at countless stores that vary from casual shops to luxury boutiques.
·    Municipal Market: Latin America’s production of produce, plants, flowers, wine, and other goods is one of the most impressive in the world. The Municipal Market gives you a chance to see colorful displays with different fruits and plants that you might have never seen before!
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