Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tasty Thursdays: Healthy Holiday Living

The words “holidays” and “healthy” never seem to go together, but if you prioritize correctly, you can make it through the holidays without too much damage and without depriving yourself. MSP has lots of experience staying healthy on the road, so check out some of these tried and true tips!

·         Scout out your fitness options. Check out local trails and outdoor areas in the area you are headed to- it can be a great way to enjoy the area with family and friends! If you are staying at a hotel, try to stay at one with a fitness center. If you have a membership to a nationwide gym, go online to find a gym nearby!

·         Sandwich your meals with exercise! If you start your day with a workout, your body is a lot happier processing that giant Thanksgiving dinner you just ate. After dinner, why not go for a walk? Just getting up and moving instead of succumbing to the “food coma” will help your body process those excess calories the right way.

·         Be creative and motivate yourself. Before you leave, treat yourself to something that will motivate you to work out on your trip. Buy a new fitness DVD, some new songs for your iPod, or portable exercise equipment. Also, many exercise studios have affordable and even free trial sessions, so hunt one down in the area you’re going to and try something new!

·         Don’t go solo. The holidays are spent with loved ones, so a lot of people justify skipping workouts to take advantage of family time. But what could be better family time than a morning hike or walking around to look at holiday lights? Try to plan something more active in between watching football games.

·         Pack accordingly. Don’t let yourself show up to a dangerous holiday meal famished. Pack high protein snacks, lots of water (especially when flying), and fruit to curb your appetite. It will make the seconds (or thirds or fourths) a lot easier to skip out on!
For more tips, check out this great article! Wishing everyone a fit and happy holiday season!

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